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The creation of OOO TORGPROM Company was preceded by many years of research and exploration of Eastern Siberia’s oil and gas resources, the region is a relatively new petroleum province Which was officially discovered in 1962, when the first oil gusher erupted in the village of Verkhnemarkovo in Ust’-Kut district. This gave rise to more extensive studies of the region’s hydrocarbon reserves, thanks to which the largest petroleum fields of Eastern Siberia, such as the Yaraktinsky and Danilovsky sites, were discovered. In 2005, Alexander Medvedev, his son (the current acting President and beneficial owner), Nikolay Medvedev, and a few other partners, mostly prominent geologists and specialists formerly employed by the state geological company “NeftegazGeologiya”, Torgprom Company.

That geological company was responsible for the most discoveries in Eastern Siberia, but had fallen apart with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Torgprom Oil Company acquired shares of two oil-producing units - “Ut’KutNeftegaz” (2006-2011) and LLC “Vanilovo” (2006-20010) from various investors on the open market and paid out their outstanding debts. In 2014, Torgprom re registered its operational license to diversify and increase outputs of crude oil and condensate. Torgprom pioneered oil production in many regions since 2014 and was the largest local oil players. This was a difficult period for country’s economy, but the company remained successful due its high performance, efficient management, and innovative approach to looming problems.


OOO Torgrom has 10 licensed blocks namely, LICENSE BLOCKS: West-Yaraktinsky, Yaliksky, Kiysky, Srednenepskiy, NorthMogdinsky,North-Lodochny, Samoedsky, Baikalovsky, Protochny, Vadinsky, Tukolandsky, OIL AND GAS FIELDS: Angaro-Ilimsky, Naryaginsky, Markovsky, Yaraktinsky, Danilovsky, Ayansky Due to the fact that any construction of a refinery with the maximum possible oil processing depth producing the complete range of high-quality engine fuels requires significant capital investments, refineries are constructed in several workflow phases. Each phase implies the organization of a complete production cycle making it possible to refine oil and ship a certain range of oil products of agreed quality to consumers. This is the development mode chosen by OOO Torgprom.

The Finished Products Sector (FPS) is intended for the shipment of refined oil products (gasoline, diesel fuel, mazut) by rail. The FPS is a detached facility connected with the main area of the refinery by means of industrial pipelines with the total length of about 2.9 km located not far from hurding station. The area of the site is 15 ha. There are two either-direction tank filling racks making it possible to load 71 rail tankers at a time with a relay tank terminal of 20 thousand cu m. The FPS commissioning has increased the total estimated oil-product loading capacity of the refinery up to 9 million tons per year (the basic capacity is 3 million tons + 6 million tons of the FPS), it also lessened the load of functioning fill/discharge racks situated in the main area of the refinery.

Empty tanks of the main area of the refinery will be used as relay both, now and in the future, what will make it possible to enhance the performance reliability of processing facilities and raise the enterprise’s productivity in the course of refining oil which, in part, is delivered by railway transport.

The company OOO "Torgprom" holds a strong position in the grain market, is one of the reliable and actively developing companies exporting agricultural products. We operate on the domestic and international grain markets.

The company OOO "TORGPROM" has the necessary infrastructure, the highest level. The company owns the supply capacityof up to 100 000 tonn of Oil products. The high quality of our work is achieved thanks to the constant introduction of modern technologies in the processes of: receiving, storage, bringing to the conditioned state of shipment. Quality control is carried out laboratory equipped with the latest, high-tech equipment.

Our agricultural prooducts Technical capability allows you to take the elevator 3000t of grain a day, load in the night: 50 w / wagons, 3000t of grain in trucks. Currently, the elevator continues to increase its capacity by increasing volumes, the rate of acceptance and shipment of grain. Company "Torgprom" owns two transport companies, vehicle fleet has more than 80 units of rail vehicles, and continues to grow, that allows for the rapid transport of products.

The company takes seriously the issue of integrated logistics. It carried out a systematic approach to the life cycle of the goods and related activities in the period from the date of manufacture to the moment of consumption. Established an effective system of management of material, information and financial flows. Optimization of acceptance, processing, storage and shipment of grain at the elevator has allowed our company to achieve good results. A systematic process of organizing the transportation of grain.

In our opinion, essential to the development of agriculture and increase the volume of its production is the use of minerals. The important direction of our activity - is the realization of mineral fertilizers delivery to the buyer. We help farmers in the harvesting and transportation of grain, giving farmers and processors vehicles.

In addition, "Torgprom" has a developed infrastructure for the sale of petroleum products - two tank farms, engaged in the wholesale of petroleum products, their storage, transportation and handling. This allows customert to purchase diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oil on favorable terms and to the extent necessary, rented delivery storage tanks .

Thus, we give our customer wide range of goods and services required for the development of the economy. For regular customers create a flexible system of discounts and preferentsiy.Blagodarya this approach, we are able to satisfy any, even the highest requirements of our partners.

Only together, combining our efforts, we will go ahead, making significant steps in the development of grain and Petroleum industrial complex of Stavropol, approaching the world Secondary market.


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